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Pluses all historians on the site Vladimir Poutine in Ukraine. The Tchotchnie accepted acceptance of his arm, as a biolourist. In revanche, Kazakhstan, a refusal d’envoyer des soldats envahir l’Ukraine.

Sur la scine internale, certain pays on affiliate soutien à Vladimir Poutine et son action cont l l Ukraine. In the case of Biollorussie. The payout is 30,000 solders who want to be the first or most Ukrainian depot in the country. Other sources: Infectious: Touchchnie. In the case of the invasion, dictator Ramzan Kadyrov mobilized his arm. Des milliers of combatants vitus noir sont venus aupauler l’armée russe engagi in Ukraine. This is the first case in the history of Syria where Bachar Al Assad is an indigenous man. “auxiliaries in Russie“.

On the other hand, you pay with your own position to clarify your positions. La Chine sist content “sousinir la russie dans la rsolution du conflit par biais de ngociations avec l’Ukraine“. De son côté, l’iran a precise que”Guerre n ntait pas a solution“. Enfin, the Kazakhstan, all historian in Russie, refreshes his armory in the Encircle of Ukraine in Cusco in Russia.

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