Vital Kamerhe was approved for treatment abroad


Beneficiary of the Provisional Release Act from December 6, 2021, Vittal Comerhey, former CEO of President Felix Shisekedi, has now been authorized to leave the country. He flew to Europe on Monday evening. According to UNC Secretary-General Billy Kamble, his party is in health. Vital Kamerhe was sentenced to 13 years in prison for embezzling public funds.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient lycopene

This is a sensitive subject. His entourage did not want any evidence to speak openly about this for fear that everything would be canceled at the last minute.

Everyone believes that in his political party and in his family, the former commander-in-chief of Felix Cicedi still has many enemies. ” We do not want to give a page credit to those who want to push it further. We must protect our leader ”, One of his close associates told RFI.

The evacuation operation was carried out carefully and prudently. We still know that he went to Europe, but the final destination is now carefully kept secret.

According to his party sources, he is accompanied by three people: his personal secretary, his wife and his doctor.

What is he struggling with? His relatives said he had been suffering from a breathing problem for several months. Already prior to his temporary release, Vittal was not detained in his cell at the Khmer Rouge Makkah Central Jail. He was admitted to a medical center in the capital.

At this point, no return date has been announced. His entourage states that this detail was not mentioned in the exit authorization granted to him.

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Medical recommendation

His relatives explain that staying abroad is a medical recommendation and nothing more. They explain that he will not be provoked by fear of justice or rule.

Politically, Vital Kamerheic still considers himself an ally of Felix Shisekedi. Its relations with the President of the Republic have further improved in recent months, as has the reconciliation between the respective parties between the UNC and the UDPS.

We are in politics and there is no room for hatred. We have bought feet. We need to move forward now », Laconically confeded to RFI, one of his closest collaborators.

Other priorities

Today, apart from his health, Vital Kamerhe’s priority is to get rid of the case, which he still considers political, after the trial.

His other project is the United Nations for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (UNC), about his party. Directory changed. The new, junior general secretary was appointed last June to reshuffle the party to suit the challenges of the day and to adapt to the profile of new activists.

We have been working in our party. This is the key to our position for the 2023 election Another UNC administrator was added. With one year to go before the general election, everything is under scrutiny. Vital Kamerhe is cautiously advancing towards this deadline, counting all the media of his lieutenants.

The culprits associated with him are still in custody

One of his co-defendants, Sami Jammal, a businessman of Lebanese descent, over 80, is still in jail. On appeal, he was sentenced to 6 years in prison. According to his lawyer, he is in a critical condition in a medical center attached to the Magala prison. Maitre Jamal Taleb, a lawyer at the Paris bar, explained that he had demanded a temporary release for his client and did not understand the difference in treatment.

Mr. We are happy about the opportunity to treat Kamerhew abroad, on the other hand, we do not fully understand the judgment of the court, the decisions taken by successive governments and the insensitivity of all of them. Related to the most dangerous, anxious and serious situation of our client.

Master Jamal Taleb, lawyer for Samih Jamal

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