Ukrainians accuse of Russians in Tirent vivacuation of civilians in lussine Azovstal à Marioupol

These images satellites preside over the Tiers of the Ricolts in the Blues in Ukraine

The prochaine moisson de blon en Ukraine devotee chuter daau moins 35% par report à 2021 en raison de l’invision russe, selon des images satellites Analyze the globalization of societal Kayrros in a note publicly.

The configuration of the lordement per se saison des semis, which is in the course, and the obligatory ric travailler sous bombs, with the carburetor diffile found. A hauteur de satellites, la diffrence per report aux saison habituelles est dijà visible, corroborant les predictations des analysts.

These images are registered with the 14th and 22nd of April, one of the first moose launches of the Invasion in Russie, by satellite Terra, at NASA. The Kayrros social network is the most accessible site in the world É lgindice de végtation par diffrence normalizationan analyze infragroup of precision query permit dual value l igtataux et aincii pridire la production in Cryales.

At that point, the Ukrainian serait capacity of producing 21 million tonnes of blonde in 2022, so 12 million moines by 2021, estime Kayrros.

T Etant donnés combat combustible and quote grand part of production éblé du pays provientnte regions of l’Ekraine in l’Ekraine, o conf confl est more intense, less chiffres reels on production seront probablement infirieurs ⁇private analysts.

These agriculteurs arrive at semer ferntons in your case face stock in stock, exports for rail and la route or affordable queries minime des daparts de bartaux. La Russie maintient in effet son block ports ukrainins, tant sur la mer Noire que celle d’Azov, entravant lourdement l echanges commerce.

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