Ukraine-Russia conflict: The Russian government is conducting military maneuvers on the border and in Crimea

Will be starting this TuesdayRussian invasion of Ukraine ? Russia has recently launched military maneuvers, as feared by NATO member states
Ukraine And in annexed Crimea. This is a “joint” operation, which includes “air force and air defense, ships from the Black Sea and the Caspian Navy,” said Alexander Dvornikov, commander of the Russian forces in southern Russia.

According to the DOS agency, air force exercises involved 60 fighter jets and bombers in four regions, especially on the Crimean peninsula. Russia Annexed in 2014 in retaliation for the pro-Western revolution in Ukraine. This includes coordinating the action of the Navy and Air Force during a missile launch.

Washington’s response to “increasing tensions”

In addition, about 6,000 men are engaged in maneuvers to check their combat readiness at various sites in various parts of southern Russia.

The announcement comes just hours after the Kremlin condemned the warnings of thousands of American soldiers over the Russian-Western crisis in Ukraine, which Washington sees as a new “escalation of tensions.”

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