The White House has warned that Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine at any time

The announcement comes in the wake of strong tensions around Ukraine: Kiev and its Western allies accuse Russia of having a large contingent of troops on its border for a possible invasion.

US warns Russia on Tuesday “any timeIn its dialogue with Moscow, Washington raised the level of alarm as it launched a new attempt to attack Ukraine. “We are in a position where Russia can attack Ukraine at any time.White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki said on Tuesday, January 18, “Very dangerous condition.

A U.S. State Department official warned of a move by Russian troops Tuesday in Ukraine’s neighboring Belarus. “The fact that we see these moves in Belarus gives the Russians a new approach if they decide to take further military action against Ukraine.“, She said in detail.

Last weekend, Washington accused Moscow of sending agents to Ukraine.nasty jobCreate “Excuse meFor an invasion. This increasingly alarming tone of the United States coincides with the launch of a new attempt to negotiate with Russia.

Permission threats

Little known to the general public, Swift is a major coke in the global fund: it provides a standardized language for banks to communicate without any real competitors, but also a secure, automated and fast network to spread the word. Swift is a Brussels-based company under Belgian law, but the United States has great influence over its operations.

Another hurdle commonly referred to against Russia is the attack on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany. Zen Zaki reiterated on Tuesday that targeting this infrastructure, which is not yet operational, would be a lever.ReliableAgainst Russia, Berlin was reluctant to accept the idea.

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