The United States has vowed to allow the G7 to impose “massive” sanctions on Russia

L ‘Wednesday Interview Not “effective” between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. The United States updated this Saturday, during the G7 summit in the United Kingdom, its call
Russia With a view to “rising reduction” of tensions
Ukraine, Ensuring that the major Western powers are prepared to impose “massive” sanctions on Moscow in the event of an attack.

At a meeting of foreign ministers until this Sunday, a US official in Liverpool, north of the UK, promised that “more can be found.” Diplomacy This is the new Ukrainian crisis. To this end, the US government has announced that it will send its Under-Secretary of State for Europe Karen Danfried to Ukraine and Russia from Monday to Wednesday to seek “diplomatic progress to end the conflict in Donbass.” Ukraine, “By implementing the Minsk agreements”.

Pressure on Russia

The agreements were signed in 2015 to end the war that erupted a year ago between Kiev forces and pro-Russian separatists in the Ukrainian region. Not really respected. But the U.S. official warned that “if Russia decides not to take this diplomatic route, it will have” massive consequences and significant costs, and the G7 is fully integrated into this. “

“Not only the countries in the room, but even more democracies will join us in making Russia pay the price,” he added. Moscow has been accusing Washington, Europeans and Kiev of plotting to invade Ukraine for weeks, which the Kremlin denies. These words echo the words of the American president. Joe Biden, Who on Tuesday “informed” his Russian ally
Vladimir Putin In the event of an attack on Ukraine, Russia will expose itself to “strong sanctions, including sanctions.”

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“Global Occupiers”

Despite more intense tensions, the two leaders decided to work with their teams with follow-up meetings to see if a diplomatic expansion is possible. So the first step in this diplomatic process will be the visit of Karen Donfried. Diplomatic leaders from Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom have elaborated on their position against the “global invaders,” according to the British president. G7.

“We must unite with force to confront the invaders who are trying to limit freedom and democracy,” said Liz Dres, head of British diplomacy at the start of the two-day meeting. We must speak with one voice in the face of “dictatorial regimes”, he added, on behalf of the major powers that claim to be part of the democratic camp. If it does not name these adversaries, these comments are part of the desire to involve the G7 in the Western strategy to counter China’s aspirations on the world stage, especially the United States.

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