The Supreme Court dissolved the memory of the NGO that protects freedom

The decision comes at the end of a year, marking the growing crackdown on people, NGOs and the media, who are seen as critics of Vladimir Putin’s regime.

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It was a pillar of the struggle against oppression in contemporary Russia. On Tuesday, December 28, the Russian Supreme Court ordered the demolition of the NGO memorial. The decision comes at the end of a year that marks a growing crackdown on people, NGOs and the media, who are considered critical of President Vladimir Putin, who has been in power for nearly 22 years.

The judge said she had “Accepted Attorney’s Request” We need to disband this NGO. In early November, a Russian prosecutor accused him of dismantling the monument. “Formally” Duties of its position“Foreign Agent”. This label refers to companies that act against Russian interests by obtaining foreign funds.

The monument has been exploring Soviet refinements for more than thirty years and recognizing contemporary repression, especially the rule of Vladimir Putin. The charity promised to find out Tuesday afternoon “Legal Meaning” Should continue its functions. “Monument, the citizens of Russia need to know the truth about its tragic past and the fate of millions of people. And no one can ‘control’ this need.”, The NGO promised in a press release.

A few hours later This judgment of the Supreme Court of Russia, theFrench Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Trian expressed his opinion “Anger” And his “Care”. “The dissolution of Memorial International is a terrible loss of the Russian people’s right to benefit from their legitimate knowledge of the past and of the community established on the basis of the fundamental values ​​established by the Council of Europe.”, He said in a statement.

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The European Council has also condemned it “Disaster News” And one “Dark day for civil society in the Russian Federation”.

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