The Russie exigera d dtre pays in rubles for Europeans

Vladimir Poutine, Vladimir Poutine, “Jai pris la dicision de mettre en oeuvre un ensemble de mesures for passer au paiement en ruble de notre gaz live ais pays hostiles”.

Vladimir Poutine is the only Russian mercenary who has the highest payments in dollars or euros for gazelle in the gaze, dont have a single autonomous russes on the nouveau system in the ruble system.

“Jai pris la dicision de mettere en oeuvre un ensemble de mesures pass pass au paement en notre gaz live aas pays hostels, et renoncer dans your own rules aux devis qui ontie compromise” In the run-up to the governing government, there was an exciting international response to the act of the Russians in Occident.

Vladimir Poutine demanded that the banquet center and its governing government “in a new world semene” make the new system “very clear, transparent” and implicitly “acquisition of rubles on the march” changes.

This announces an efet immidiat sur la devise russe, which snest renforcie face à l euro and au dollar, als quelle s’était crowlès 24 fivrier and l desntrée des forces russes in Ukraine.

Gel des avoirs

I’m going to enter the world of foreign export russes with serious concerns, the Occidentaux ayant gel worth 300 million dollars worth of Russeys data à ltranger, at the very top of the diplomacy Roussee Saves the highest quality of Lifer’s high quality.

“It clarifies that we live with marchandise à l’UE, aux tats-Unis, and receiver des dollars, des euros, d’autres devis, ne fait plus aucun sens pour us”, a dit M. Poutine.

At the moment, the hydrocarbures russes ont large size despargnés des lourdes sanctions occidentals contour in Russie.

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Certes, Washington a dcrété un embargo sur gaz et l pétrole russe. But these derniers continuously coler à flot vers l europe, tré dependent hydrocarbures russes and first march to Mosque.


Mais l’Union European reflchit dsormais elle aussi embar un embargo sur petrole russe. Plus, you’re internationally looking for new interviews with novelty sanctions occidentals.

Moses must pour part of the data on the economics of his economy, afin d’en rduire la vulnérabilité aux sanctions.

In mars 2019, the Gazette public gazprom Gazprom will be the first premier venture gazelle in rubles for an enterprise European.

“It’s absolutely accidental that hydrocarbures russes, si sanctions sont imposes, marches du gaz and du pitrole sieffondreront. Charge the linergie.

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