The ruler of Dubai has ordered his ex-wife and their children to pay more than 640 million euros

Ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rachet al-Maktoum, sentenced on Tuesday
Justice Britain has to pay more than 640 million euros for its ex-wife and their children, which is considered the biggest compensation when it comes.
Divorce Issued by the Court
English. The 72-year-old leader, who heads the government of the United Arab Emirates, and his sixth wife, Princess Haya of Jordan, have to pay 25 251.5 million (approximately 300 million euros) for 47.

According to a family court ruling issued on Tuesday, he will have to pay a total of 0 290 million (40 340 million) to cover the costs of their children al-Jaleela, 14, and Saeed, nine, alimony and their care. .

“Given their status and the general threats they face in situations such as terrorism and abduction, they are particularly vulnerable and need enhanced security to ensure their safety in this country,” Judge Moore concluded.

Harassment and intimidation

He added, “The main threat they face comes from [souverain] By itself, not from the outside. The Supreme Court ruled in October that Mohammed Ben-Rachet al-Maktoum had authorized the hacking of the phone of his wife, Princess Haya of Jordan, and her British lawyers. It has not been proven that hacking was involved in the legal battle between him and his wife in the United Kingdom, but a “huge” amount of 265 megabytes of data was taken from the princess to bring their two children back to Dubai. Haya’s phone (24 hour voice recording or 500 photos).

The judge ruled that the mother had been “harassed and intimidated” before and after leaving for the UK, and that “those who acted on her behalf were willing to tolerate her doing so illegally in the United Kingdom”. “

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The financial compensation awarded on Tuesday is the largest amount ever awarded in the wake of a divorce settlement in English courts following the trial of Russian billionaire Farkat Akhmetov’s ex – wife Tatiana Akhmedov. At the end of 2016, Justice Akhmedova was given 41% of her ex-husband Farkat Akhmedo’s wealth, at the current rate of 3 453 million or 1 531 million.

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