Socialist Prime Minister Antonio Costa won an absolute majority

Socialist Prime Minister Antonio Costa won the assembly election in Portugal on Sunday, January 30, and was able to win an absolute majority in parliament.

The Socialist Party (PS) topped the polls with 41.7% of the vote and at least 117 seats out of a total of 230, according to the constituency results, which cover all constituencies except the four-member electorate.

In a recent poll, from right-to-right opponent to elbow to elbow, Mr. Costa finished improving his score for 2019 (36.3% and 108 selected) and will no longer rely on former allies of the far left. In October 2021, this by-election was triggered by the rejection of the budget for 2022.

The 60-year-old former mayor of Lisbon came to power in 2015 after the Carnation Revolution of 1974, branding the left-wing union that had not even won these elections. On Sunday, he gave the Socialist Party the second absolute majority in its history.

“An absolute majority is not absolute power, (…) it is an increased responsibility”, Mr. Costa, said in the presence of his supporters. “It is a victory for humility, hope and stability.”He added.

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“Clearly there is a win and PS strengthening (…). This is what the Portuguese want [ce parti] Rules and peace in their lives “Antonio Costa announced in the evening on public television RTP, when the results already appeared in favor of his party.

According to far-right activists, “people understand our message.”

Although he hoped he could create a surprise, the main opposition Rui Rio’s Social Democrats (PSD, right) came in second with 29.3% of the vote. The far-right party Seka (enough) advanced to become the third largest party in the country with 7.15% of the vote, with twelve elected members.

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Portugal has long been an exception in Europe since the end of the dictatorship in 1974 and until the last vote in 2019, when no far-right party was represented in parliament in this country of ten million people. “People understood our message”Judging Seka’s number one Andre Ventura was delighted “It is bad for the country that Antonio Costa continues to be prime minister”.

The Liberal Party, which entered parliament in 2019 with only one MP, confirms the strong improvement predicted by nearly 5% of the vote and eight elected votes. Two organizations of the extreme left, the Left Bloc and the Communist-Green Alliance, are strictly allowed. After rejecting the 2022 budget draft and provoking this election.

Implementation of the EU-funded investment plan

During the election campaign, Antonio Costa did not stop boasting about himself “Turns to austerity” Budget implemented by the right until 2015 under supervision “Troika”, – European Central Bank-International Monetary Fund-European Union (EU) – Amid the debt crisis.

But, his minority government is counting now “Turns to the side of the epidemic” Thanks to registered vaccine coverage and the post-European Govt rescue program, he was stopped on the tracks by his former allies who demanded additional concessions from him on social issues.

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Now that it has independent control, the EU has announced a 16 billion investment plan. Costa can implement.

During his first decree, which ended before the health crisis, his government used a favorable economic environment to eliminate wage cuts for the period. “Troika”When recording the first budget surplus in Portugal’s recent history.

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