Queen Elizabeth II says Camila should be Queen’s wife

In a message sent to the nation on Saturday, February 5, on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum ceremony, she said that her son Charles’ wife, 73, 74, should be the queen’s wife when the prince ascends the throne.

The 95-year-old sovereign revealed her “True preference” That “Camila should be named Queen Wife” In a message before the 70s, when Charles was kinge The year he ascended the throne. “I know that when the time is up, my son Charles the King will give you and his wife Camilla the same support you gave me.”, The Queen added.

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Until then, she had never talked about something that had been the subject of endless controversy for years. Camila’s future title was the subject of much debate and controversy when she married Prince Charles in 2005, with some advisers saying she had no intention of becoming queen and wanted to be known as such. “Princess” Wife – the first in the history of the British monarchy.

Charles and Camila told each other, according to a spokeswoman “Touched and honored by words” Of the Queen, he underlined “Firm Faith” Duchess of Cornwall.

The essential gear in the royal family

Seven years after the death of Princess Diana, the couple got married in civil. At that time the queen did not come to the wedding and he did not consent to it, however he arranged a reception for the newlywed couple.

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Camila, 74, is divorced and known as the Duchess of Cornwall since her marriage to Charles.

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But for many years Queen Elizabeth II learned to appreciate this most beloved woman in the life of 73-year-old Charles. He is very dedicated to the monarchy and has become an essential coda with various commitments in the royal family. Its backward simplicity slowly defeated the English.

Prince Charles did not hide his desire that she should be known as the wife of a queen. Earlier this year, Queen Elizabeth II had already named her Dame of the Order of the Carter, the most valuable title of British heroism, acknowledging her growing place within the monarchy.

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