Pfizer va demander l’autorisation rappel for son vaccine anti-Covid for 5-11 ans

Les 5-11 ans vaccines pourraient avoir bientôt un rappel. L’alliance Pfizer-BioNTech The first bid for a demand on the dtorisation was the Etats-Unis, which aims to find out more about the moons for the day. vaccine anti-Covid for les enfants.

These essay mens on Pfizer-BioNTech ont notamment analyze sang d’enfants ayant reo this dose of rappel environ six mois après la deuxième. Après l’injection, niveaux danticorps neutralizers contre the variant Omicronactulelement dominant in monde, ont multiply by 36 reports aux niveaux observations après doxieme dose.

These essay clinics for less than 5 out of 10 visitors

These two dosage initiatives for 5 à 11 of their autonomous services on the amicrinic acid of drugs (FDA) were released last October. The dosage utility for this tranche diege is 10 micrograms, but for the injection initials that the dose is rappel (contre 30 micrograms for 12 and more).

Pfizer and BioNTech’s provoking soumettre a demand for an autorotation dutilization in urgence with rappele chess enfants in 5 à 11 years Etats-Unis in daily travel journeys, simply communicate. Es Les enterprises privilege the participant ces donations with l’Agence europeanne des Mediciaments (EMA) et d’autres agencess regula dans le monde das que possible, ie communicate.

For more than 5 moons, the results of the clinic’s vaccine sont visitor visitors, approve of the most accessible vouloir tester for a single sierie initiation of three doses. In effet, pour these three junes enfants, a dose of 3 micrograms per pixer of your choice, but our response immuniteire accessible cellulose doses n’tait als passive.

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