Omigron: What do we know about the dangerous nature of this variant in children, and how many more are in the hospital?

A very strong infection of the Omigran variant inevitably raises questions about its risk, especially in children, because they are more likely to be hospitalized for the first time.

A sharp increase in pediatric hospital admissions has erupted in New York, raising new concerns about the risk that the Omicron variant poses to young people.

Until now, while Covid-19 appeared to be relatively safe for infants, this new variant appears to be less malignant at present, although it is highly contagious, raising the question of whether it is dangerous for children.

Four times as many children are hospitalized in New York

In New York, Omicron is spreading so strongly that the statistics raise concerns. In fact, the New York State Department of Health “Closely monitoring the growing trend in pediatric hospitals associated with Govt-19”, He points out in a press release RTBF quoted.

The organization warns that “New York City enrollment quadrupled” between the weeks of December 5 and December 19. Half of these combinations are for children under 5 years of ageSo do not vaccinate.

The “unpublished wave” is coming

In France, published column This Saturday at JDD We saw the following argument in the signatures of 50 health workers who called for a postponement of the start of the new school year. “Since the beginning of November, More than 300,000 children and adolescents are confirmed to be positive for Govt-19“With over In six weeks, 800 children under the age of 10 and 300 young people between the ages of 10 and 19 were admitted to the hospital.“.

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They insist that children be vaccinated, and among the causes of concern, they warn of a “.Unprecedented wave in the coming weeks of childcare Suffering Pediatric Inflammatory Syndrome (PIMS), As well as, in some cases, the consequences associated with the development of a chronic form of the disease. “

“The real danger”

In France, there is a growing trend of hospital admissions, especially for young people, such as Professor Dijillali Annen, head of the intensive care unit at Raymond-Poingare Hospital. Inquiring Through Allo Doctures Magazine, He confirmed: “You have to go to regular and intensive care services to see that there are more young people.”

Allo Docteur also reportsAs of December 27, 2021, 145 children under the age of 9 have been hospitalized in France. According to Public Health France. This is four times more than last year.

According to him, vaccination is a good tool: “It should be important to vaccinate young people. Because Omicron puts them in real danger. Because this new variant is highly contagious, it is normal for the virus to spread rapidly, especially in children.

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In South Africa, a hospital for children under 2 years of age

South Africa was the first country to be affected by this new variant, and is therefore being studied specifically to determine the evolution of Omigran.

In an article from November 29, The Washington Post reported When the country was “There has been a sharp increase in cases of corona virus, including in children under 2 years of ageThis age group represents the group with the highest number of additions due to Govt between November 14th and November 28th.

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Evidence of high risk?

But is a significant increase in pediatric hospitalization in South Africa, as in the United States, synonymous with increased risk? To Wasila Jazat, a public health expert, “People are more likely to allow children as a precautionBecause if you treat them at home, something can go wrong – especially with very young children, because the mortality rate is high, ”he told Bloomberg.

In the United States, despite the high rate of hospitalized children, most of the time the symptoms are mild, citing a Pennsylvania pediatrician who underlines RTBF.

The latter emphasizes that the increase in pediatric hospitalization should be compared with the overall increase in cases associated with Omicron. “Admission to the pediatric hospital (…) still represents only a small fraction of the victims“, He notes.

New symptoms

If the probability of seeing symptomatic events developing in children with an outbreak in the number of infections is necessary, then children also seem to develop new symptoms.

In fact, a general practitioner in London said he had seen small children Psoriasis When they were Covit-19 and more precisely, positive for the Omicron variant. Dr. David Lloyd said he found that 15% of young people were confirmed to be infected with Omigron. Stains “, admits the period was” worrisome “.

Although France has recorded its highest levels of pollution since the outbreak, there is no doubt that Omigron is being closely monitored by scientific authorities. The government, for its part, has decided to put the start of the academic year on January 3rd.

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