Live – Govit-19: 1 out of 4 French people to be tested to celebrate Christmas

Omigron is “overkill,” says Gilles Biolax

Epidemiologist Gilles Pialoux told BFMTV on Friday that Omicron is “more active” than any other type. “The numbers may have been underestimated because, as you know, France ranks much lower than Denmark and the UK,” he added.

“In my hospital team yesterday, they received 500 samples, and in the positives we were 80% omigron, so we were there,” he says.

To an epidemiologist, “get tested” before Christmas, “this is a sign of respect and love”

Enrique Casellino wants to set an example. Before Christmas Eve he says “my kids are going to test themselves, my wife and me” On RMC Infectious Disease Specialist, Medical Director of the Picard Hospital in Paris. “We’ll go to our mother – in – law the next day and test ourselves.”

“We consider testing yourself to be a sign of respect and love,” he explains. “Protecting others is proof of loving one another. (…) Being untested is putting others at risk.”

Considering the deadline for PCR tests, the epidemiologist now recommends performing an antigen test, the results of which are visible within 15 minutes. “It has an advantage: if it is positive, it definitely means you are a polluter,” the expert summarizes. In this case, “you have to be responsible and leave your New Year’s Eve”.

For Christmas, the French expect less respect for gestures than last year, according to a survey

Despite Omicron, the French are getting ready for a “more casual” holiday than last year. 9 out of 10 people plan to have dinner or lunch with their family on Christmas Day. According to the Odoxa / Backbone Consulting Survey For Le Picaro – This is 8 points more than last year.

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Adherence to the recommendations of some officials is in the free fall: only 48% of French people expect to reunite with people less than the usual Christmas (-22 points), 42% respect at least 1 meter social distance (-21 points) and 27% mask (-10 Points) wear. However, almost one in four French people (24%) plan to be tested.

Outside of Spain and Greece the mask is again mandatory

Facing Omigran, some European countries are tightening the noose. In Spain, outdoor masking has been made compulsory again since this Friday. Authorities in Catalonia (northeast) were able to introduce a curfew in most regions from 1am to 6am on Thursday evening.

In Greece, wearing a mask is mandatory indoors and outdoors from this Friday until January 2nd. “There is a lot of traffic during the holidays, and a lot of people gather outside,” said Health Minister Thanos Flavris.

In Italy, the surgical mask will become mandatory outside, the government announced on Thursday without specifying a date.

Preliminary studies reduce the risk of hospitalization with Omicron

Faced with the rise of the Omigron variant, a small note of hope: the first studies in South Africa, Scotland and the UK, it seems that this new variant is less hospitalized than in the Delta, by far the majority.

According to the British Health Organization, patients with the new variant have a 70% lower risk of being hospitalized.

Registration of pollutants in France

Hello everyone and welcome to this new live dedicated to the evolution of the health condition. Covit-19 infections are on the rise around the world just before Christmas: more than 90,000 new cases were reported in France in 24 hours on Thursday, a complete record in the country since the outbreak began.

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For now, officials are betting on vaccinations rather than new restrictions: President Emmanuel Macron has called on the French to “take care of each other”, especially through trials before reuniting with their loved ones for the Christmas holidays. Year.

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