La Thailand enfin sans masque, s Thailand Pass et sans assurance obligator

Devant lurgence de relancer le tourism, la Thailand va mettre fin aux mesures qui dissuadaient nombreux voyageurs potentiels per pays, à part 1 juillet 2022.

At 17 Juin, the center’s administration in the situation Covid-19 (CCSA) is one of the most accessible and most exciting places in the world of extroverts in Thailand.

The CCSA has a number of important changes that are important, such as lannulation Pass Thailand (Thailand Pass) et l’assurance obligator ainci que l’autorisation for bars bar fermer plus tard.

You are about to make these changes within the 1st year of life.

It’s one of the greatest avancé deputies in the world, suppressing the barrens of Thailand, or Thailand, or any of the newcomers to attracting tourists.

Un change when arriving at a point for people who are not trying to find a vacation for vacancies.

Bas les masques

Danseuses thalandaises avec un masque facial. Photo:

The CCSA accept acceptance of dassssouplirr lobbligation porter un masque facial, the second pure volunteer à l’extreyur or in endroits peu frequents.

The Dr Taweesilp Visanuyothin aclaréc que ll public diveit dicider lui-mime quand le port d’un masque facial est appropriate …

“These masks will return to certain zones.

I’m the soulmaker who’s all over the discretion and the whole chacun.

These masks help you retain your spaces in plain air and the athletics of the rest of the masks pendant exercise. “

The CCSA recommends the port of masquerade in espace bonds and in situations where distancing sociale nest pas possible, par exemple dans transports public, in salles de concert o public public nombreux, sur marchs bondes, etc.

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The port of masque rests obligatire in espace public interiors, but in some cases it’s cas.

Selon CCSA, the only way to retrieve the most queries from your site, your manual or your own highsercise.

The masquerades of the Pythagorean Gatement Retirement in these spaces interiors bien ventilator or distancing sociale is possible.

CCSA recommends that the group ut haut risque “608” continue continuously porce desk faciaux, ‘lintierieur comme à liextérieur.

The group “608” combines people with non-vaccines, people with sophisticated probes as saus sos-jacents, people with games and people with infections in Covid-19.

In Premier Ministries Thailand, Prayut Chan-o-cha, a public comment on the co – operation of the portal ‘Masques Facius’ and Dclarc’s this musure était eFaceface to translate Covid-19.

The Minister of Thailand’s Santé a déclaré quélés prescribes “directive datoilis” on the port du Masque.

Fin du Pass Thailand et de l’assurance Covid-19

Pass Thailand Airport

Verification du Pass Thailand at the airport in Suvarnabhumi. Photo: Airport Suvarnabhumi

The system registration of pass Thailand sera supprimé is part 1 of juillet 2022.

At this point in Thailand, the Voyageurs vaccine devront uniquely presents the certification of pre-vaccination and non-vaccination, a négatif à a test RT-PCR or a test ATK realization for a professional, in 72 years avant le voyage.

If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask.

The CCSA app suppresses the suppression of Thailand and its execution by Maladie with a coverage of over 10 000 dollars for the visitors’ visitors, by 1 July 2022.

These deux exigences avaient été initialement supprimés for the resorts thailandais 1 juer 2022.

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These contours alotoires seront effect à l’arrivée in airstrips internationals or aux posts post frontier terrestries in Thailand (in 22 provinces).

Les Voyageurs non-vaccine or non-vaccine vaccine font l’objet d’n contrô alétoire et qu nes p ps en moseure presenter pre test négatif avant l’arrivée devrontr test at your point ATK profession.

The bars autoris à rester out and longer longtemps

Bar vie nocturne

Vie nocturne en Thailand. Photo: National News Bureau of Thailand

The CCSA database your database of publishers, pubs, bars, karaoke, and bootlegs as a mini-app to minimize the high quality of your database’s, ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ‘ 2 heures du matin.

On attendance of details, but also assembly, datasheets of declarations, quotes for rest rest ouverts toute la nuit (urs lyers heures normales d’ouverture).

Reprise the activation norms in Thailand in Thailand

Foul sourire

The CCSA applauds the designation of Bangkok and the 76 provinces as a zone of surveillance or zone vertebrate, permitting the reprisal of activism norms in your pays.

Tout en mynant the secrets of securities and santé dans in the cadre at the prevention universelle, the governing royal thailandis s apprcerte à announcer une novelle série de directives, la nation entran dans la phas post-pandimic.

Un air liberté va flotter sur la Thailand à part 1 du juillet.

Source: The ThaigerAutorité du Tourism de Thailand: TAT News

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