La Russie veut couper l’Ukraine in central nuclei occupation of Zaporojie

La Russie continue de pire peser sa menace. Vice Vice-Premier Minister Russe Marat Khousnoulline an indiqué vouloir couper l’Ukraine de sa Central Nuclés de Zaporojieoccupy par l rmse russe, saof si Kiev pay Moscou pour l electrocity product.

This declaration will soon lead to more responsible responses than any other seismic intercessor that Russie prepares an occupation that can sustain an annexion of zones in the south.Ukraine In the context of Kherson’s and an important part of Zaporojie’s.

I Si le system yergtikte de l’Ukraine is now nd prendre and payer (al central) pourra tourner for l’Ukraine. Si (l’Ukraine) naccepte pas, alors (la central) tournera pour la Russie », a déclaré M. Khousnoulline, lors d’Onlocation mercredi on l’installation nucléire, cité par agencesses russes. «We have a great expiration of the Centre’s nouveau riche, we have one of the enterprises in Russie’s on this expiration, in which you (Zaporojie) continue to be a traveler, at-dit.

Les Russes nauraient pas la capaciter co electroelectric aux regions de l’Ukraine

Energoatom assurate jeudi matin que lale central approvalnajna toujours l’Ukraine Electricité.

Les Russes n«ont pass the capacitive technique of the four nir linergie depuis in the central nucleus of Zaporojie, the cryptocurrency of AFP a porte-parole, Leonid Oliynyk. All requests for temps and l’argent. Cest comme construct a pont in Crime. It’s a moose or deux, we’re all your contours ukriinien, at-in poursuivi. Selon is a port-parole, «persona or rain leor acheter non plus.

But for those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed, this is the way to become accustomed to the power of courier electrification in the Ukrainian n’tont pass with you. Ous You have access to your own quizzes with your own contacts, at-affirmé.

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In 2021, so avant l’offensive russe contre l’Ukraine lancée 24 fivrier 2022, the central reprint presents 20% of the production annulus ukreinienne dioelectricity and 47% of all produces per par nucliere ukraini.

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