Joe Biden will join you as an attaque russe “in the prochains of the day”

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, is “convinced” that Vladimir Poutine’s dichotomy is in Ukraine. On the other hand, I’m always looking for “dans in prochains”.

Le point de non-retour? Joe Biden’s best friend “convinces” that Vladimir Poutine, President Russell’s’ decision to become ‘Ukraine’, the Supreme Personality of Godhead’s ntait “past tropard” for diplomacy.

“We’m not going to force the forces of the Russians on l’intention d’attaquer l’Ukraine (…) in prochains jours”, in the case of President Amricain in an allocation deputation by Maison Blanche. “I’m convinced you to ask for a decision. We’m going to be the painter”.

“Our pensons quie front Kiev pour sible, a village of 2,8 million dinnocents”, added at.

Un déplacement itviter?

Tant quen invasion ne s’est pass product, “the diplomacy is one of the most powerful”, at-ajouté, soulignant who is the chief diplomat of Anthony Blinken who recollected the homologue of Rousseau Lavrov jeudi in Europe. In Russie envahit l’Ukraine dici ll, elle aura “claqué la porte à la diplomatie”, at-il prévenu.

Joe Biden is one of the most sought after “sages” in the world at the Volodymyr Zelensky Quitter L’Okraine Actuollem for re-dating a configuration international. “Dans a quo d’issue diplomatique, cela pourrati pas retre, cela pourroitre l’option la plus sage, mais la dicision lui revient”, a clear American word. The question in my pocket is that chef d’atat amricain se rende é la Conférence on la sicurité de Munich, which assemble jusqu’i dimanche di nombreux dirigeants internationalanaux.

“Une fausse justification”

The pensioner Maison Blanche’s acquiescence in the company of D’Sinforformation, noting an acquaintance of Kiev’s fathers, an attic conting in Russie, for finding a precious day in his house.

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“I’m going to simultaneously preview the corroborator’s assertions and celebs’ logic as a pioneer that will help Ukrainians choose more than 150,000 solts (russes) doploys à Lores front pages in their own games. dure depuis des années “, not at.

“Your case documents correspond to a scorner in Russie’s utilis dans le pass, which is crusher a face justification dagir contre l’Ukraine”, added to President Amricain. “Si la Russie met ses plans à execution, all sera responsive dune guerre catastrophique et inile, quero aura choisie”.

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