“Is inflation going to erupt in 2022 according to PFM!” Editorial by Charles Sunnat

My dear Sasi, Dear Sasi,

Michel Edouard Leclerc speaks on BFM’s antenna, which sows panic among the channel’s journalists.

The beloved “journalist” was horrified that we were “already at 36% inflation, that it was already enoooorme”, and that the rate of inflation was clearly higher than you might think, with his Levret A’s salary and his annual salary increase. Salary is very weak in BFM …

This will also be one of the themes of the election campaign predicted by Michael Edward Leklerk, who subscribes to my Crystal Chicken Predictions. Besides, I remind you that he first tried to tell us Micho that he was going to negotiate prices so that his customers would not be affected by the increase. My chickens, my cat and I, we laughed so much at the time because we saw the price of grain go up well (unlike SCNF)!

In this short video you will suddenly see, the great Emmanuel Lechipre, who wanted to forcefully bite those who had not been vaccinated, and who was a little overweight. Attempts to immediately reduce the scope of Leclerc’s statements. “No, he’s talking about the peak of inflation”, let’s just say about a rock, it’s a peak …
I mean, is this a hat? This is a peninsula! But it will all be drama!

After telling us it’s not serious or lasting, he explains why prices are going up and it’s fun to see him list à la Prévert!

And conclude “but it will not last.” Pew, Ms.. Mitzvah can inhale and return to its 4th dose and plan for the 5th and 6th dose announced by Pfizer, which will release the 3-dose Omigran vaccine, which is more profitable than a vaccine that works three doses at 19. It’s like inflation but this time vaccinated!

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The funny thing is, the journalist’s next question is “What can we do?”

And the petition that answers “nothing”, “nothing to do” hahahahahahahahahaha!

She insisted on “small compensation” …

You know, I think we bow our heads and laugh like never before in the history of mankind.

Obviously, there are things we can do to protect ourselves from inflation, starting with explaining that people should first think about their employment and their abilities, “salary” and so on. If you are worried about inflation, train yourself again and again. If you are retired, buy some gold or invest in stocks. Those who want to know more are always welcome” Strategies Subscribe here for letters and folders, Because, above all, do not imagine that you are condemned to endure and suffer. No casualties!

It was already too late, but not all was lost.

Prepare yourself!

Charles Sunnat

“Insolence” means “impossible” in Latin
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