In the United States, a historic hurricane wreaked havoc on its path

Usually, the videos show a narrow hurricane, continuing its solo races across the deserted meadow. This time it is a creepy, night-time monster, visible only when struck by lightning, but roaring with hurricane fury. It destroyed more than 350 kilometers of everything in its path, Friday night, December 10, to Saturday, December 11, from the Arkansas forest to the valleys of Kentucky. He was not alone, with an army of more than thirty hurricanes, it was catastrophic.

In Mayfield, Kentucky, the hurricane destroyed a candle factory, where a hundred workers worked, and they took refuge in the bathroom hall as per protocol. “It was scary”, Said New York Times Guyana Parsons Perez, A survivor who was buried under more than a meter of rubbish and contacted emergency services through Facebook. In a city of 10,000 people, there is nothing but finally cut down trees and dilapidated houses. Like the Baptist church in the catastrophe, the court lost its roof. More than 83 deaths are listed in the state “The most devastating hurricane in our history”, According to the Governor of Kentucky, Andy Bessier, And the final U.S. figure should have been more than a hundred dead.

In pictures, pictures: In the United States, the search for survivors after a deadly hurricane passes through the central and southern parts of the country.

The devastation began in neighboring Arkansas, where the roof of a nursing home was torn down, and continued into southern Illinois, sweeping the roof of the Amazon warehouse and occupying these parties, killing at least six people. . The hurricane bent steel, dumped debris at an altitude of more than 10,000 meters, and derailed a freight convoy.

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Abnormal heat shock

The causes of the event are known. The U.S. Midwest is subject to hurricane: this is the meeting point between the humid air of the Gulf of Mexico, the cold masses coming from Canada, and the arid front of Mexico’s desert. This shock always creates hurricanes, which is why the National Weather Service is located in Oklahoma.

The aftermath of Hurricane Mayfield in Mayfield, Kentucky on December 12 (Photo by Brendan Smylovsky / AFP)

However, several innovations should be noted: First, according to the 2018 Meteorological Survey, the hurricane is now moving east of the country, from the desert plains to the valleys of Kentucky, with a higher population, and therefore more dangerous. In this particular case, the event was caused by unusually high temperatures of 15 ° C or 20 ° C above average in the south-west, with cold winds from Canada blocking the northwest of the country. The most unusual heat shock for December – a hurricane at the end of winter – triggered a weather disaster.

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