In Chile, the elected president releases a moderate cabinet with a majority of women

This is a long-awaited announcement. President Elected to Chile on December 19, 2021, Gabriel Borick (Left), unveiled his cabinet on Friday, January 21st. Its twenty-four ministers, including fourteen women, make up a modest mosaic of many non-political technocrats and personalities. A template indicating the initial color of the next head of state’s mandate – he will take office on March 11 – while the youth and electorate of his electoral alliance, centered on the Communist Party, as well as the ambition of the announced reforms raised many unknowns.

Most Noted Name: The new Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel, 62, has been the Chairman of the Central Bank since 2016, with international education training and affiliation with the Socialist Party. He has held various positions in center-left governments since 1990. “His appointment is a very important signal that he has a strong connection with the business world and international markets. Analysis Jaime Baeza, political scientist at the Institute of Public Affairs, University of Chile. As chairman of the central bank, he was in line with the impossible discipline. It is also a testament to the transferee: his tenure has just been renewed [le président sortant de droite] Sebastian Pinera. ⁇

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When the economic situation is “Looks complicated,” Numerous Robert Funk, political scientist at the same company, Gabriel Borick understood that beyond his long list of election promises, the country’s financial position should be stable. The minister’s first plan is tax reform, which the president-elect wants to raise to 5% of GDP, while major social changes – such as education, pensions and the public health system – will weigh on the country’s finances. Condition.

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35-year-old doctor in the Interior Ministry

The finance minister also included the emphasis on center-left individuals with more representation in government than Gabriel Borik’s electoral coalition. It is necessary to send a clear signal of negotiations in Congress that the elected head of state will not enjoy a majority, and to establish contacts with the main forces of the Center.

It is no coincidence that the Presidential Secretariat, which is responsible for relations with Congress, is being occupied by the right-hand man of the President-elect, Giorgio Jackson. Student Movements 2011. The Communist Party is a rather twisted but not events, especially as Camila Vallejo’s spokeswoman – she too belongs to this new generation on the left.

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