“He has shown that he will not let Russia go unchallenged,” said researcher Cyril Brett

Vladimir Putin has shown that he will not insult Russia and is ready to take tough positions in the international arena.“, Thursday, December 23, at franceinfo, co-researcher at the Jack Telors Institute, co – editor of the geopolitical blog, co – editor of EurAsiaProspective.net, associate professor and doctor in Russian-speaking philosophy, Vladimir Pi during the New Year’s speech.

franceinfo: What do you remember about his speech?

Cyril Brett: The balance of power is maintained. Vladimir Putin is ready to take tough positions on the international stage in the name of Russian sovereignty and interests. In this exercise he has been conducting for over 20 years, as always, he has shown his determination not to let Russia be insulted, and wants to show that he is the one commanding the international calendar and the domestic calendar.

Was his tone different from the one he used with the Ministry of Defense this week?

The words he used to describe the actions of NATO, the United States and the Europeans were very harsh. He recalled that he considered Russia rolled into flour. So he has the same line. It is also a major force in the face of renewed European leaders.

Which image of this great press conference represents Vladimir Putin?

An extraordinary solidity and uniqueness. He is a past master in this training. He can run marathons, express himself and choose. When European leaders hold national conferences, he holds world press conferences shortly before the candy fight. It is very efficient. Journalists are elected, others are excluded, and there is a certain respectability in the way they address the President of the Russian Federation of Journalists.

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What is the image of Russia today, 30 years after the fall of the Soviet Union?

It is the power to be ready for anything. She often declares what her strategic interests are. Thanks to its military power, it has been able to achieve a strategic position far superior to its real economic power.

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