Guerrero in Ukraine: The drones on the raffinerie in Russian aurainti with acetes on E AliExpress

Lone des plus important raffineries de Russie a été frappi, ce mercredi, par des drones ukrainiens. Selon’s novels information, ces drones auray aitre acetes sur gont chinois du commerce en ligne.

These images are on the tour tour monde: mercredi, and the grandest raffinerie patrol in sud de la Russie a pleasing fouet in this frame for an attack of drones games.

This attacque is a unique massif, with autonomous autos and other media russes. These images are published on the Rousseau Socsia montraient a drone like the raffinerie in Novoshakhtinsk, in the Rostov-on-Rose area of ​​Rusovia, where you can find the best hackers in front of your own installation.

In one of the first temps, the information on the drones utility renovation presque toutes versus Bayraktar TB2 de fabrication turkey. Des drones combat dualtitude croissant moyenne and long autonomous (MALE) developers for societal turkey Baykar.

But the tour de tourner on the résoux, the images ont ét décortiqués and dissques par des amateurs de la chose. This is one of the most talked about drones in the world with around 5 million dollars.

Un drone à 9.000 euros …

Et salon site specials, The WarZonethe drones utility seraient caractyristi ds module vendu on the site chinois chinois e-commerce, AliExpress.

Un module au coot bien moindre que son clone turc (aux alentours of 9.000 euros) and adapté pour devenir une arme guerre dicisive.

Sur rousaux sociaux, these arguments ne manquent pas pencher vers this conclusion. Taille, type and mime the son émis… Les images ont large size étudiées and the verdict assembly sans appel.

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Use the drone to donate your skye to the quote of $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 on the site AliExpress. Il permettrait, initialement, de transporter des colis 30 à 45 kg. Les Ukrainians assembled in fait une arme de guerre low-cost mais très efficace.

It appears to be a Chinese “Alibaba” drone.

Tail matches and the debris found matches the wing of this drone, but not the wing of a PD-1.

– Oliver Alexander (OAlexanderDK) June 22, 2022

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