Govit – Omigron: WHO Criticizes Infection Management through Booster Doses, and recommends development of appropriate vaccines

This Tuesday, January 11, the World Health Organization, in a press release, criticized the epidemic management, especially since the advent of the Omigron variant.

After the third dose, the fourth … The WHO did not like the scene that appeared to emerge in the fight against Govt. This is what the organization believes “Repeated stimulant vaccination strategy is unlikely to be appropriate or feasible”.

This criticism comes as the epidemic is getting a new face with the advent of Omicron, which affects many vaccines and those already suffering from Govt disease.

Develop the most appropriate vaccines

According to the WHO, the best strategy is to develop the most appropriate vaccine. “Prevents severe forms of disease and death and has a greater impact on preventing the spread and spread of infection.

But during the development of such vaccines, “The current anti-Govt vaccine mix may need to be updated to ensure it continues to deliver the level of protection recommended by the WHO.

This answer should confront Omicron. Hence the recording figures of the pollutants that have fallen in the layer in recent weeks.

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