Gov. 19 and Joe Mansin surrounded Joe Biden’s presidency

The wind is blowing in the White House. Paralyzed by Video of a single senator To its grandeur Environmental and social reforms, Helpless in the face Explosion of Govt-19, Saw Joe Biden attacking his presidency on Monday from all sides. The Democrat, who returned to the White House with his family one weekend, wore a black mask and walked toward the Oval Office without saying a word to reporters waiting for him as he landed in the helicopter.

His general agenda is that on Tuesday, early in the afternoon, he will talk about the wave of omigran variation plaguing the United States and the role of cancellation of shows and sporting events. Screening centers and schools will be closed, at least temporarily. J oe Biden will not “announce control” of the country, his spokeswoman Jen Zaki said Monday, but will take “steps” to promote the vaccine and improve screening.

The democratically elected president of the United States, who has promised to end an epidemic that has so far killed more than 800,000 people in the United States, seems powerless in the face of this new wave. At the federal level, it does not have many levers. Some of the restrictive measures it has taken, especially vaccination against large corporations, have come against legal action, sparking talks about the Republican opposition’s attack on personal freedom.

Joe vs. Joe

In the face of a senator from a rural state with a population of 1.7 million, a year after he took office, the already paralyzed president’s intentions are further reinforced. West Virginia Senator Joe Mancin said Sunday that he will not give his voice decisively to Joe Biden’s “Built Back Better” program. It will cost about $ 1.750 billion to help the United States win in the face of climate change and China’s competition.

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This is almost a death blow to this legislative program that promises to deepen America’s economic and social teeth, while allowing the First World Power to retain its climate objectives. “The fight for the built-back bag is too big to drop, and we will find a way forward next year,” White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki said Monday without elaborating.

However, he pointed out that the 79-year-old president could exercise his regulatory power in the absence of major legislation. But what could be in Biden’s president’s most important plan without Joe Mancin’s voice? The elected representative is not going to vote on Monday in favor of these “very ambitious reforms” aimed at reducing the cost of child care or medicines, but to support the purchasing power of households or to encourage the purchase of electric cars.

Fear of inflation

This centrist fears the effect of inflation and decides that aid should still be targeted. He refuses to provide extra tax credit, especially for a child, which is Joe Biden’s favorite move. Without him, there would be no democratic majority in the Senate. It is not possible to count the votes of the Republican opposition against Joe Biden’s recent vote for the huge infrastructure costs raised against what it considers to be one of America’s worst political failures, a “socialist” turn.

The White House on Sunday expressed its frustration with Jen Psaki’s unprecedented statement, accusing him of a “sudden and unexplained twist” and a “breach” of Joe Mancin’s promises.

With one more year to go before the midterm elections, which could turn out to be disastrous for Democrats, it is further eroding the political credentials of Joe Biden, whose confidence rating is already very low.

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The president, a former senator who prides himself on winning the parliamentary game like no other, has personally invested in Joe Manzin – to the chagrin of progressives in his party who now feel betrayed. Elected Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez sent him a warning: “Democrats are angry with Joe Munch. The time has come to take off the gloves. “

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