France Document 2. In Afghanistan, more than half the population is threatened by famine




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M.Burgot, V.Vermot-Gaud, M.Behboudi, L.Lavieille – France 2

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Since the Taliban came back to power, International aid, which funded 80% of Afghanistan’s budget, has been blocked.

About 23 million people Afghanistan is threatened by famine, with 55% of the population living in the UN. The Taliban, which returned to power in August 2021 after a lightning strike, has yet to recognize the government of Islamic fundamentalists. Since then, about 80% of Afghanistan’s budgeted international aid has been cut off. The United States has also frozen $ 9.5 billion in assets of the central bank in Afghanistan, unemployment has erupted and government employees have not been paid for months.

On the streets of Kabul, more and more women and children are begging or begging for a piece of bread at the entrance to bakeries.. “I only have onions”, Says a mother who fled the Taliban’s stronghold in August after her husband’s death.

The humanitarian crisis prompted the Taliban to seek international assistance. Food began to arrive in Kabul and a UN resolution was passed in support of the one-year food supply. However, the international community is waiting to see how Islamic fundamentalists, who trampled on human rights when they were in power between 1996 and 2001, will rule. Taliban representatives are due to hold talks with Western diplomats in Oslo, Norway, from Monday, January. 24. These exchanges focus on humanitarian issues and “Do not create a legitimacy or recognition” According to the Norwegian Foreign Minister, the Islamic Government.

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