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In 2007, when Nicolas Sarkozy nominated Emmanuel Macron

In this live broadcast dedicated to election campaign news, we are going to recall the major events of the last presidential election with an article every day. The world. Today, we go back fifteen years … February 7, 2007.

In Nicolas Sarkozy, there is one very macronium. Right, left? According to the UMP presidential candidate, the split has been breached “Opening Chair”. In this way, according to our colleague Philip Riddet, he pursues three goals: “Take advantage of a particular mess created by Sekolin Royal in his camp, who is fighting to unite the entire Socialist Party. (…) ; Integrate part of Franுவாois Bairo’s strategy, he succeeded in uniting the left and right in a single government; And, finally, appear as an “off-system” candidate. ⁇

Something Macronium too, in search of a direct relationship with the French: Nicolas Sarkozy took part in the first scene of “I Have to Ask You a Question” on February 5, 2007, a TF1 show that confronts him with voters. Exercise was also praised by the current head of state, who did not hesitate to say he wanted to “Drive out those who have not been vaccinated” To readers Parisian, Early January. In the evening of 2007, Mr. Sarkozy did not hesitate to use a shock formula, he confirmed, “In France, you do not polygamy and do not slaughter sheep in your bathtub.” Does the evening participant from an immigrant background feel humiliated? “You are neither Algerian nor I am Hungarian”, The vague discourse to the future president responds with simplicity.

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Unity continues even in managing time and hats, and at this critical moment the leader of the UMP, who is already a candidate in the campaign, is still home minister.“I can not say that a Frenchman thinks that I have chosen between my job and my ambition”, He promises. The Macron camp, which has repeatedly claimed for weeks that the Ukraine and Govt crises are mobilizing its champion more hastily than he is still a candidate, could not say better.

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