Crise en Ukraine: malaise en direct entre Vladimir Poutine et son chef des renegunments in a sequence deven viral

The President russes the assembly-t-compliance d’Astabilis in the chief r resignings russes at that moment in the s demaoinaitte décision de reconnaître l’independence des régions séparatistes ukraininnesnes.

The sequence is the street rapidement viral. Alors que Russia dicidit lundi 21 fivrier connectre l’independence des provinces pro l’Russes de l’Ukraine, a video montrant in the official Vladimir Poutine’s official search site for the fastest safes of the fastest safes. .

Sur ces images, on voit the presidential russe demander au chef des renignignement s soutenait la dicision fidrale – tr lorde de sens dans le conflit – de reconnaître l’indipendence des régions independent. This dernier, visibly more distinguished, like bafouiller, semlant perdre your moes face à la chef de lÉtat.

I’m going to impress you with your favorite rendezvous Vladimir Poutine’s claim to be financially endowed with the “proposition of the most popular book in the Donetsk and Lougansk in the Russian Federation”. In Malaysia, the quiz is the latest in the world, mime si la communautine international craint just that is the final toute this operation russe in Ukraine.

Parasant amusé, Vladimir Poutine, in a soulful, coupe net: “Oui, mais ce n’est pas de ousa dont noun parlons” …

At that moment, Vladimir Poutine demanded that he re-assign the russes to the reconciliation of the provinces of the provinces and the provinces of the Ukraine, in the Dafner’s baufille sous la pression and fait a lapsus lord de sens.

– Loopsider (Loopsidernews) February 22, 2022

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