Covid: We know a lot about the origin of “Deltacron”, the fusion of delta and omigron types

The discovery of the Cyprus Laboratory of the Variation of Delta and Omigron Strains has shaken the scientific community. A few days later, the mystery was dispelled.

Last week, Cyprus health officials’ announcement caused concern in the scientific world and the news quickly spread around the world. Delta and Omigran variations changed. There are 25 cases documented which the press quickly calls the “Deltacron” variant.

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Kovit – New Deltacron variant: Delta and Omigron combination found in Cyprus, 25 patients affected

From the outset, Professor Leondios Kostrikis dismissed allegations of misconduct in his laboratory, which could mislead the results. According to him, this deltacron variant carried “Omigran’s genetic signature and delta genes” and seemed to attack patients who had already been hospitalized for severe forms of Govit disease.

Although data is shared in the GISAID framework, this sudden event seems to have come to light.
Tom Peacock, a virologist in the Department of Infectious Diseases at Imperial College London, made his judgment based on the data: the laboratory error contained hybrid cells of the delta and omigron types.

“It happens in all labs”

After a very technical demonstration on his Twitter account, the latter explains that there is definitely a manipulation error in the appearance of this variation merger. “It’s not really about the quality of the lab or anything like that,” he explains. “This happens infrequently in every sequencing lab! This is especially true of swabs with low levels of viruses.”

Minor update: Cypriot ‘Deltacron’ footage announced by several major media outlets seems to be very clearly contaminated – they are not clustered in the phylogenetic tree and contain the full Arctic primer sequencing amplican of Omigron on the delta spine.

– Tom Peacock (PeacockFlu) January 8, 2022

Corona virus biologist Florence Deborah shared a similar opinion. They have no doubt: “Deltacron shots seem to come from pollution”.

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