Austria adopts compulsory vaccination for all adults, the first of its kind in the EU

Many Austrians are armed against the text and tens of thousands protest every weekend.

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This is the first time in the European Union. Despite fierce opposition in the street, the Austrian parliament passed a law on Thursday, January 20, to make vaccination compulsory for all adults.

The plan, announced in November, was approved by a large section of the political class (137 for 183 against 33) to promote a staggering immunization campaign. The move comes into effect on February 4.

The aim of urging the government is not to forcibly vaccinate or increase financial barriers. These can range from 600 to 3,600 euros but will be waived if the offender is vaccinated within two weeks.

“The vaccine is an opportunity for our community to achieve lasting and lasting independence without the virus controlling us.”, Conservative President Carl Nehammer told reporters before the session began. This “An object of intense and emotional debate”, He agreed.

In addition to the Greens, the leaders of the Conservatives’ coalition partners, the Social Democrats and the Liberals, offered their support. In the name of individual freedom, only the far right opposes it.

Many Austrians are armed against the text and tens of thousands protest every weekend. In this tense environment, the government fears overflowing and announced this week that health institutions will establish a “safety perimeter” around vaccination and testing centers.

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