At Christmas the virus plunders once again

8:15 a.m .: Director of Retirement Home with fake health permit card

The director of a nursing home in the Paris region had a fake health permit: the coordinating nurse reprimanded her and was later released by the health commission. Licensed, she believes In columns of Parisian This day.

The interior minister said he had received 182,000 fake French health permits in recent days.

7:30 am: Fourth dose in Chile

In Latin America, outgoing Chilean President Sebastian Pinera announced his country would offer a fourth dose of the corona virus vaccine from February, starting at risk.
In Ecuador, the anti-govt vaccine has now been mandatory since the age of five, the first time in the world for this age group. So far, only a few countries have made the vaccine mandatory.

7 p.m .: More than 2,000 flights were canceled worldwide

Airlines have had to cancel more than 2,300 flights worldwide, including nearly a quarter in the United States, especially in the face of the Omicron variant that disrupts travel during the holidays.

6:55 a.m .: Covit-19 plays spoilsport again at Christmas

Kovit-19 is again a spoiler for Christmas this year. The dazzling Omigron variant and record number of pollutants are pushing the government to speed up its response. Emmanuel Macron will chair the Health Care Council on Monday afternoon.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday that a “reassessment of the health condition” was planned for that date, while the arrival of pollution figures from the Omicron panic. On Friday, more than 94,000 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours, unheard of in France since the beginning of the health crisis.

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6:50 a.m .: Hello everyone, Merry Christmas, and welcome to this live stream dedicated to news about the Govt-19 epidemic in France and around the world.

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