According to London, military intervention is “extremely unlikely” in the event of a Russian invasion

The West has been blaming Russia for weeks for preparing tens of thousands of troops for an invasion near the Ukrainian border.

He is a “Very impossibleLondon and its allies are intervening militarily In case of Russian invasion of UkraineBritish Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said this week.

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L ‘UkraineNot a member of NATO, so it is not possible for anyone to send troops to Ukraine against Russia.», The British Minister announced in a video interview aired on Thursday 16 December on the site of the British Weekly Magazine. Viewer.We should not make people think that we should do it. The Ukrainians are well aware of this“While US President Joe Biden has already rejected the military option, he added.” On the contrary. “Of course deep, serious and lasting sanctions can be taken»,The British Secretary of Defense underlined.

In an invitation to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky on Friday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will use London “All its diplomatic and economic powers“Prevent anything”AggressionAccording to Downing Street, Ukraine is Russian. London has repeatedly warned Moscow, including verbally, in an appeal between Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin on Monday.Strategic errorIt would indicate any infiltration into Ukraine.

According to Ben Wallace, “Russian military reinforcement has a specific purpose. ⁇We do not know if he (Vladimir Putin) made a decision, however his actions and his military products are in this direction (…) I think we should all be concerned.“, He added. Westerners have been blaming L.A. for weeksTo Russia for amassing tens of thousands of troops near the Ukrainian border In preparation for a possible invasion. The Kremlin has denied the allegations, saying it was threatened by NATO.

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Against the expansion of the Atlantic alliance in which Ukraine and Georgia are candidates, Russia released its proposals on Friday US and NATO influence in its vicinity must be tightly controlled. The United States has declared itself. “Ready to discuss Even if these proposals are included “Some things the Russians know are unacceptable“A senior US official responded to the press and warned,”Massive effects“If there is a Russian occupation of Ukraine.

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