A pregnant New Zealander is prevented from returning home due to Kovit-19 being welcomed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“When I needed to, the New Zealand government said it did not welcome me (…) and I felt betrayed.” Due to the strict restrictions faced by Govt-19, she was unable to return to her country for childbirth.A pregnant New Zealand journalist has finally been welcomed to Afghanistan by the Taliban. Charlotte Bellis, in an interview with Radio New Zealand from Kabul on Sunday, January 30, joined a Belgian photographer living in a country plagued by dictatorial rule that violates the rights of women. Deep humanitarian crisis.

In the open letter issued New Zealand Herald, A journalist who worked for the Al-Jazeera channel in Afghanistan, described his Kofkesk situation. Charlotte Bellis ruled after asking the Taliban as part of her job what they would do to guarantee the rights of women and girls. “Conflict” The same question should be asked of his own government.

When she returned to Doha, where her employer’s headquarters were located, Charlotte Bellis realized she was expecting a baby. Since being pregnant outside of marriage is illegal in Qatar, she kept her pregnancy secret while preparing to return to New Zealand. However, the country, which closed its borders in March 2020 due to the epidemic, only allows its own nationals to return in trips and drops.

When he learned that the journalist could not benefit from any insult to return, he called senior Taliban leaders. The latter told her to come to their country of residence and give birth to the child. “We are happy for you, you can come, you have no problem”, Promised to the Taliban, he said. “When I needed it, the New Zealand government said it did not welcome me.” The journalist lamented. “When the Taliban – a single, pregnant woman – finds refuge, you know you’re in a difficult situation.”

After going public and seeking the help of lawyers about the problems he was facing, he contacted New Zealand authorities in his country and said his request would be reconsidered. New Zealand Govt-19 Minister Chris Hipkins said in a statement that he had asked the authorities to check whether all procedures had been followed properly.

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