100 days of confetti dibut du confis, Marioupol dsormais sos contrôle russe of deux visas


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In the ville martyrdom conflit in Ukraine. Marioupol is one of the ten busiest places for Russians and paramedics in Russia. Progressive, la vie and reprint. But in Ville we have the last two panser files.

The Russians’ official authority is on the destruction of symbols Marioupol : the theatrical bombardment of the ville. Les Russes velent donor limage dune ville dans lavelle la veerendre. Plusie écoles ont ainsi rouvert. Les lives live in the returnee, après sêtre réfugiés in caves pendant des semaines. Les cours ne sont plus donnas en ukrainien, mais en russe. To find pain, in or out of an electrician, assembled at a place in the center of the village. Uncran gant diffuse chaise russes, on l l Ukrainian is diabolized.

This is my first pass, in revenche, the most deuxiame visage. Marioupol. In an autori cimetière bordure de la ville, des tombes sont alignés per vue. Create more or less, you’ll have a simple number, which is more than 3,000. Enter Marie Dune Femme and this is a community of people. I’ll be 32 years old and you’re an idiot. Impossible, for l’heure, the daughter-in-law combiner sont mortise Marioupol.

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