Pelosi's impeachment skepticism draws little pushback from fellow Dems

Nancy Pelosi says impeaching Donald Trump 'just not worth it'

Pelosi comes out against impeaching Trump: 'He's just not worth it'

"I'm not for impeachment", Pelosi, the top US Democrat, said in a Washington Post interview published on Monday.

"We will all go on record" Whenever Green calls up articles of impeachment and asks for a vote, it's likely to divide the Democratic caucus.

"I think we have a situation, I fully understand where Speaker Pelosi is coming from, she makes valid points but in my opinion if impeachment is to mean anything - and it's in the Constitution for a reason - it's because when we see evidence of impeachable offenses we need to start the process to remove the president from office".

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's opposition to impeaching President Donald Trump won't stop a House vote on the issue, as Texas Democratic Rep.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib of MI, who took office demanding her fellow Democrats "impeach the [expletive]", and who renewed her push as recently as Friday, dialed back after Mrs. Pelosi's comments, saying she's content with investigations for now. The more hard step is to actually remove Trump from office, which would require a Senate trial and two-thirds of that Republican-controlled chamber to vote to remove Trump from office.

Ms Pelosi was clearly sensitive to political head winds that await the party should Democrats fail to garner public support for such divisive action.

"We have to get beyond talking points and have bigotry as an action item", he said.

"Having said that", Courtney added, "there are certain circumstances, which I don't think we're in right now - sometimes you just have to do what you have to do if the country's at great risk".

Democrats have launched multiple probes into Trump's White House and personal businesses.

In December previous year, a source close to Trump had revealed that the President was anxious about his impeachment after the Democrats took over the House.

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Tlaib caused controversy in December when she said Democrats were going to "impeach the motherf***er".

"If the [reports] indicate that that's become necessary, then we must fulfil our oath and proceed with impeachment", said Rep Ilhan Omar, a freshman progressive firebrand.

Pelosi's comments come before the arrival of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump campaign's potential collusion with Russian operatives and subsequent obstruction of justice.

The claim that "he's just not worth it" is particularly freaky - impeachment is the ultimate sign that someone isn't worthy of the powers of the presidency.

Green said in the interview he has done little to whip the vote.

Other lawmakers who have called for impeachment looked at Pelosi's comments more practically.

She said Pelosi's comment also showed once again that the speaker "is as clever as she is tough". That line stresses one concern raised by the anti-impeachment corner of the Democratic caucus: that by impeaching Trump, Democrats could damage their ability to take him down at the ballot box. "Nobody thinks there is going to be a conviction in the Senate, unless circumstances very substantially change".

Rep. Al Green, the Texas Democrat who introduced impeachment articles a year ago, said he will try to force a vote. But rather than taking these more nuanced tacks, she is, for all intents and purposes, taking impeachment off the table.

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