Diver SPAT OUT alive by whale after being sucked into its mouth

Bryde’s Whale

Sorry to Baleen On You Whale Almost Swallows South African Diving Tour Operator YouTube Barcroft Animals

A South African tour operator has nearly been swallowed by a whale.

However, Schmipf seems in high spirits about the incident.

"It got dark and I felt some pressure on my hip". Comforting to me was the knowledge that the whale would be unable to completely swallow me into its stomach.

A real-life Moby Dick situation!

Out of the darkness a Bryde's whale shot up from the depths, jaws wide open.

There was no time for fear.

"This is the most different looking killer whale I've ever seen", said Robert Pitman, an NOAA marine ecologist in San Diego.

Whilst taking tourists whale-watching in Algoa Bay, Rainer ended up in the mouth of a Bryde's whale, which was going for a sardine bait ball.

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The 51-year-old said once the whale grabbed him, he felt pressure around his body but soon realized he was too big for the whale to swallow him whole which was "kind of an instant relief".

A photographer who witnessed the dramatic scene from a nearby boat immediately began snapping away, capturing everything but Schimpf's legs vanishing inside the whale.

Luckily for Mr Schimpf, Bryde's whales aren't known for eating humans and it just spat him back out.

The whales can weigh about 90,000 pounds and grow to a length of 55 feet, according to the NOAA.

"Nothing can actually prepare you for the event when you end up inside the whale", Schimpf told News.com.au about the freaky experience, "and then it's pure instinct".

"It was an interesting experience for me but surely nothing I'd like to do again", he told Barcroft Animals.

"Nothing can actually prepare you for the event when you end up inside the whale and then it's pure instinct", Schimpf said. This was no attack, it was not the fault of the whale, and they are really sensitive.

Meanwhile, a pod of killer whales with distinctive round faces has fuelled speculation among scientists of a new species.

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