WWE Star Challenges "Captain Marvel" Brie Larson To A Match

Actor Brie Larson attends the Los Angeles World Premiere of Marvel Studios'Captain Marvel at Dolby Theatre

Review: 'Captain Marvel' gets an average introduction

The embargo has lifted on reviews for Captain Marvel, with critics praising Brie Larson " s performance, but noting the convoluted plot and lack of originality.

Yes, we're missing a charismatic villain and, yes, the final battle gets too explosion-y and long.

Nia Jax asked Brie Larson if she was coming for her job and Larson said "maybe" before laughing.

Some might argue that many men also get told to lighten up and smile (often by women) and it is certainly universally infuriating when it happens but is it actually a feminist issue?

Captain Marvel is such a welcome and appealing addition to the Marvel universe that I wish she could be added, retroactively, to all of the extant "Avengers" movies (one of the extra scenes suggests I'm not the only one).

Because the internet is a unusual place that turns cultural objects into artefacts of a never-ending cultural war, the issue of whether or not Captain Marvel is good has been waged online with the passion and dedication that people used to reserve for their families.

Even the well-regarded Wonder Woman was not without its problems, including the overemphasis on the love interest, the bloated running time, and the establishment of Diana's race of fierce Amazonian women warriors at the start - only for them to be sidelined and replaced by an all-male team of laughably bad ethnic stereotypes.

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Of course, the last word lies with fans and regular movie-goers who will have their say when it opens worldwide tomorrow.

"Captain Marvel is acceptably entertaining", Stephanie Zacharek writes for TIME, later calling it "not bad". The movie tells the tale of Carol Danvers, a fighter plane pilot who finds herself in a war between two alien universes.

As for Larson's idea that Captain Marvel was a man, she's not wrong. She's examining where she came from to understand where she wants to go from here. Many of these reviews are still certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which is perhaps to their credit or indication they're grading on a superhero movie scale. And thus, In Pursuit of Flight closes out Carol Danvers' first Captain Marvel story in triumph. You should know by now how this works.

Supposedly the 21st film in the MCU, this has also emerged as one of its most inexplicably controversial due to the gender of its lead character. In the same way, for a lot of men and little boys, Captain Marvel might not be the most influential force in their life. And while we usually know who's involved in a given fight there's no clear sense of the action or space around them.

An avalanche of publicity has touted the first female superhero to carry a Marvel film, but this is not the women's empowerment story the orchestrated hype claims. Jackson's clearly having fun as well, and while he's been brilliantly de-aged to look decades younger he does good work pairing that visual youth with a more casual, less embittered Fury than we typically see. "Women in the military are being represented, single mothers are being represented".

David Ehrlich of Indiewire calls the film one of "the most disappointing Marvel movies", finding issue with its confused and disjointed first act, and drawing unfavourable comparisons to Star Trek and Wonder Woman. "You give him something to eat, he shows up". I loved you as Captain Marvel, because I thought you were such an empowering female role figure.

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