Sony Forced To Refund After Major Playstation 4 Crash

Anthem PS4 Crashing Bricking

Sony Offering Refunds for Anthem PS4 Owners

I'd rather not hear of people throwing money at a new console despite the "bricked" one being completely recoverable. The "Anthem" bug is causing the PS4 to power off suddenly - not just go into "Rest Mode - which the console flags when you restart it". One Redditor even claimed the game completely bricked their console. Overall, it's pretty damning for Anthem, especially as Bioware hasn't addressed the complaints yet.

One person has also reported the game bricked his console, but before we all panic let me just point out that when any big game launches we get "Game XXX killed my console" reports.

For now, EA is looking into problems affecting PS4 players; however, there are reports of similar issues on the Xbox One.

Sony who sell their games direct to Playstation players, has been forced to offer full refunds after a major glitch in their Anthem video game crashed users systems. A thread has been created on EA's website so that players can further detail what issues they are personally experiencing. Oddly enough, these issues seem to be now only on PS4 and not PC or Xbox One.

Successful Anthem refunds have also been reported via Sony's support phone line: 1-800-345-SONY (7669).

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Here's another report from an Anthem owner affected by tonight's problems: "The console powers down and will not power on using the normal method of pressing the PS4 button on the controller".

But not all have gotten success, with some redditors saying that Sony declined their request for a refund. In order to get it back up and running you'll need to rebuild its database through Safe Mode.

BioWare is a talented team and has already shown their commitment to fixing the game, but will gamers and EA stand by Anthem long enough?

Updated March 5 with a tweet from EA calling for crash data reports.

"Then once the OS loads it displays a system error reporting page to send the error to Sony".

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