Hartlepool Labour party votes to oppose second Brexit referendum

Brexiteers outline EU deal terms

EU’s Barnier to meet UK Brexit negotiators on Tuesday

Meanwhile, Britain's global trade secretary yesterday welcomed proposals drawn up by hard-line Brexit supporters that outline what it will take for them to support Prime Minister Theresa May's deal with the European Union.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will on Monday unveil the plans for the 1.6 billion pound fund for Brexit-supporting communities in order to help to boost economic growth with ministers declining it was a Brexit bribe in order to win support for her European Union exit deal - Brexit deal.

"Time is very short".

So, how to get those votes and avoid a no-deal Brexit?

Barnier's small overture to Britain has raised some hopes that both sides can find a solution, including to the so-called "backstop" plan for the Irish border, a major sticking point for pro-Brexit MPs. "They are obviously at a critical stage of the negotiations".

The United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union on March 29 but still has no deal in place governing its exit terms, after members of parliament voted in January by 432 to 230 votes to reject an agreement May reached past year with the bloc.

Parliament rejected May's deal in January, largely because of concerns about the so-called backstop, which is created to prevent the need for physical border checks along the Irish border if negotiators fail to agree on a free-trade deal.

European Union leaders insist that the legally binding Brexit withdrawal agreement can't be reopened, and talks are focusing on drafting an addendum or other additional words.

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Some hardline Brexit supporters in May's Conservative Party have dropped their demand for changes to the backstop to be included in the withdrawal treaty.

He explains: "This is not a time to make the best the enemy of the good, and most MPs are in a mood to compromise, but the danger of this backstop becoming permanent is a real one and it has to be tackled". They have also set up a team of lawyers to scrutinise anything that Cox brings back from Brussels.

He told BBC Radio 4's Westminster Hour: "We need something which, whatever its legal form, has legal binding effect and which changes the current meaning of the withdrawal agreement".

In private talks with Mr Cox, the ERG called for a legally binding mechanism to escape the backstop, with a clear exit route and an unambiguous rewrite of the language in the government's legal advice, according to The Sunday Times.

"I think she'd be lucky if she got 15 Labour MPs", Nandy added.

Cox will likely "reverse his previous legal advice that the United Kingdom could be trapped "indefinitely" in the backstop", Rahman predicted.

Britain is due to leave the bloc at the end of the month and May has promised parliament will get to vote on a revised deal by March 12.

May's decision last week to hold a vote on delaying Brexit if her deal is rejected again, coupled with Labor's coming out more clearly in support of a second referendum, have been key factors in persuading many Conservatives to consider switching their vote to support the prime minister.

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