Trump celebrates North Dakota football champs with fast food

North Dakota State’s Bison will graze on fast food as Clemson did during their White House visit

North Dakota State’s Bison will graze on fast food as Clemson did during their White House visit

In January, Trump welcomed another champion United States college team, the Clemson Tigers, with what he called an "all American" feast of burgers and pizzas.

Another day, another fast food meal at the White House.

"We could have had chefs - we could have - but we got fast food", Trump said at the event.

North Dakota State is the latest championship team to visit President Trump at the White House, and the Bison, seven-time winners of the NCAA's Football Championship Subdivision, were presented with a fast-food spread similar to the one that Clemson's Tigers enjoyed in January.

The South Carolina team visited the White House during the partial government shutdown, and the president served the team members Burger King and McDonald's. And on Monday, he stuck with the menu for North Dakota State's visit.

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While some Clemson players stayed home from the White House trip in protest of Trump's policies, all of the Bison players attended, coach Matt Entz said. Trump said he paid for the food himself.

The Bison, who have the most titles in the NCAA Division 1 Football Championship Subdivision, ended the season on January 5 with a 38-24 win over Eastern Washington University. "We have Big Macs, we have Quarter Pounders with cheese, we have everything that I like, that you like", he said.

The Bison's most recent title is their seventh at the Division I level.

Noting the fast-food spread, Trump told the football players, "We like American companies, OK?"

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