SanDisk announces new 1TB SD card with "world's fastest" speeds

1TB MicroSD

World's First 1TB MicroSD Cards Shown Off at MWC

Micron and SanDisk unveiled their microSD cards during this year's MWC in Barcelona and while Micron brags about being the first commercially available card, the SanDisk alternative boasts about being the fastest one. I guess someone should tell the guys at SanDisk and Micron that the world is now preferring cloud storage over local storage. The Micron c200 cards also carry the SD Association's A2 and V30 badges, which means that they offer random performance of at least 4000 read IOPS and 2000 write IOPS; support capabilities like command queuing, caching, and self-maintenance, as well as a minimum write speed of 30 MB/s.

SanDisk has managed to squeeze 1TB of storage into a microSD card so you can have more memory in your mobile than you will probably ever need.

SanDisk's card will be available from April and, while there's no local pricing just yet, it's set to cost USA $449.99 at launch, which translates to just under $700 Australian, so it's, uh, not gonna be cheap. The 512GB model, which halves the capacity, can be had for "just" $199.99.

Micron meanwhile did not share pricing for its 1TB microDXC card, but confirms Q2 2019 availability. It has read speeds of 100MB/s and write speeds of 95MB/s.

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As time goes on, you can safely assume that digital storage will increase but also become smaller in size. The 1TB card will cost $450, while its 512GB sibling will set you back $200. According to Micron, this card has been designed specifically for high-performance mobile applications, and is certified for the A2 App Performance Class specification.

"The new card features higher speed and capacity for capturing and moving massive amounts of high-quality photos and videos on smartphones, drones and action cameras".

Properly equipped phones are required to reach the speeds indicated by SanDisk and Micron. In any case, both of these cards are up for pre-order today from Western Digital, with launch scheduled for April 2019.

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