Trump criticizes California over lawsuit against border wall

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump during the


But the lawsuit countered that tapping military funds would result in huge losses for the states' national guard units which would otherwise use the money for domestic drug interdiction and counter-drug activities as well as for law enforcement programs. Becerra elaborated on those sentiments in a statement on Monday where he explained that Trump "is willing to manipulate the Office of the Presidency to engage in unconstitutional theater performed to convince his audience that he is committed to his "beautiful" border wall".

"President Trump, who has been unable to persuade Congress and the American people that a wall is necessary, is harming the people of Minnesota by forcing this constitutional crisis".

Many social media commenters just shrugged off the president's talk about "retribution" for a sketch comedy show.

The lawsuit is the biggest and latest for the Trump administration to be saddled with following the national emergency declaration.

Mr Trump took to Twitter after the episode aired in the USA, saying there was "nothing funny" about Saturday Night Live.

"We've had challenges at our border over time and we deal with them".

And, he added, he'd triumph in the lawsuit 16 states filed against him.

To do this, Becerra said "the best evidence is the president's own words".

President Donald Trump invoked the National Emergencies Act on February 15 as Congress gave final approval to the 1,169-page, $333 billion omnibus spending bill that funds the government through the federal fiscal year-end of September 30.

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The lawsuit, brought by states with Democratic governors - except for one, Maryland - seeks a preliminary injunction that would prevent the president from acting on his emergency declaration while the case plays out in the courts.

"I'm here to declare a very urgent, important national emergency".

Newsom also tweeted a list of things he considered actual emergencies, such as "gun violence" and "climate change".

The National Emergencies Act of 1976 has been invoked dozens of times by presidents without a single successful legal challenge. Outside analyses, including by the Brennan Center for Justice, have shown that virtually all such emergencies involved sanctions against foreign governments and groups for reasons such as human rights violations, rather than to spend money Congress intended for other purposes.

The office of Connecticut Attorney General William Tong confirmed to FOX61 a lawsuit against President Trump will be filed Monday in response to his national emergency on the southern border.

But the administration's defence of Trump's action may not be a smooth ride.

Critics, however, accused the government of a "manufactured crisis", saying the president's assertions about the situation were untrue. It is possible the legal fight over the emergency declaration might not be resolved by then. "It's not a slam dunk for them", Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet told The Wall Street Journal.

"Sorry, Mr. President", Becerra wrote on Twitter.

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