Apex Construct Sees Surge In Sales Thanks to Apex Legends

Players are mistakenly paying for Apex Construct, thinking it's Apex Legends

EA And Respawn Already Banned 16000 Cheaters From Apex Legends

Apex Legends may be getting both free and paid battle pass subscriptions soon, a new leak has claimed.

Apex Legends! The battle royale du jour to some people, but a sign of what the genre is capable of being to many others.

Over on Twitter, Blomkamp replied to one user asking whether we could see Chappie in Apex Legends. Players of Apex Legends are still trying to figure out their gaming style and hence their favourite Legends' (character) skill set and their abilities.

Respawn has enjoyed some pretty insane success with Apex Legends since its surprise launch a couple of weeks ago. Much like its nearest competitor Fortnite, Apex Legends is created to be enhanced and augmented with other modes, some of which may be on the way soon in the form of solo and duo competition.

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Respawn has been making an effort to communicate changes for Apex Legends, which includes a mass banning of "over 16,000 cheaters" and now, a patch to squash some bugs, mostly on consoles.

Fixed issue where players would sometimes move slowly after revive. With this popularity and the increasing player count for the game comes the parasite that most online multiplayer games encounter, the existence of hacker and cheaters that use external software for an unfair advantage in-game.

Those wishing to have a wider range of heroes to choose from might be pleased with RealApexLeaks for finding at least two more playable characters; Octane with his Stim injection skill, and Wattson with his Tesla trap.

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