Trump to sign artificial intelligence order to boost U.S. competitiveness

U.S. President Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump

The President was returning to the White House after his annual physical exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Monday to launch the American Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative, which orders federal agencies to prioritize and provide resources for USA -based AI technology research and development (R&D).

The American AI Initiative aims to ensure that the USA retains its research and development advantage in AI and other emerging technologies such as quantum computing and advanced manufacturing. It urges other countries to open markets for American AI industries while ensuring the technology developed in a manner consistent with American values and interests.

Funding: The government will direct federal agencies to "prioritize investments" in AI research and development, but there are no specifics yet regarding how much funding will be requested and who gets it.

The Trump administration is going to create the American AI Initiative with an executive order on Monday, according to the New York Times and Reuters.

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An eagerly awaited national strategy on developing Artificial Intelligence was signed Monday, but lacks key details around funding and implementation.

The White House said the plan calls for "unleashing AI" by making more resources available to researchers, setting guidelines for regulations, promoting AI in education and improving United States competitiveness. "The American AI Initiative is rooted in the fundamental principle that in the United States, AI should never be used at the expense of our civil liberties and our freedoms". This action will help educate the AI R&D workforce our Nation needs to create and embrace new AI technologies.

Brynjolfsson said it's important for US policymakers to not only push the AI technology frontier, but also think hard about values and how the technology is implemented.

Michael Kratsios, deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer and Deputy Assistant to the President at the White House's Office of Science Technology Policy (OSTP), previewed the executive order earlier today in Wired magazine and elaborated on some details that weren't as spelled out in the document issued by the White House today. The White House in December hosted a listening session with the CEOs of Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Qualcomm to field ideas for securing American dominance in AI and other fields such as quantum computing and faster wireless technology known as 5G. "China is investing US$150 billion by 2030 with the goal of becoming the pre-eminent AI country in the world". The Chinese government has made a 10-fold increase in AI output a national priority for coming years, and many companies there are deploying machine-learning systems to update banking services, identify faces in crowds, and control drones.

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