Indian students arrested in USA

‘Pay-and-stay’ US visa scam: Indian embassy opens 24x7 helpline for 129 arrested students, appoints nodal...

129 Indian students arrested in USA - Tamil Movie News

The eight alleged recruiters assisted foreign students in "fraudulently obtaining immigration documents from the school and facilitated the creation of false student records, including transcripts, for the objective of deceiving immigration authorities", the HSI statement said. The helpline numbers are: +1-202-322-1190 and +1-202-340-2590 and email is:

The 8 recruiters used to obtain Certificates of Eligibility For Non-Immigrant Students Status I-20 by making false statements and collect thousands of dollars in the name of the fake university for recruiting students.

So far, about 30 Indian students have been contacted by Indian consular officers.

Several hundred Indian students face arrest following the detention of eight recruiters and some students over an alleged immigration fraud detected by a fake university sting operation set up by government agencies to crack down on visa scams.

While efforts are on by the Indian missions and consulates in the U.S. to get in touch with the detained students, the government has also mobilised its widespread diaspora community and other Indian associations there to garner more details on these students from detention centres.

As many as 129 Indians are among the 130 foreign students arrested for enrolling at a fake university allegedly to remain in the US.

United States prosecutors announced Thursday the arrest of eight men of Indian descent for using the fake university, University of Farmington, to run a "pay-to-stay" for foreigners stay on a student visa and work.

He remarked that the "weight of the government of India" is behind the detained students. US Embassy has also confirmed the same.

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"A demarche was made to the Embassy of the United States in New Delhi by the Ministry of External Affairs".

The Indian government is upset at the way the students were treated following their arrest, including the fitting of tracking devices on the ankles of some to prevent them moving out of designated areas, the people quoted above said. "We have urged the U.S. side to share full details and regular updates of the students with the government, to release them from detention at the earliest and not to resort to deportation against their will", the ministry added.

According to the Times of India report, the spokesperson of the Indian government said, "Our Mission and Posts are ready to render all assistance to Indian students in the USA to deal with the emerging situation".

The post went on to say, "Ever since the American Telugu Association started getting calls for guidance and help, the ATA leadership and teams in various cities swung into action".

On Thursday, the DHS shut down a website they had been created for the University of Farmington.

"All participants in the scheme knew that the school had no instructors or actual classes", the statement said. "By Monday we will have access to nearly all our students", he added.

"Each of the foreign citizen who enrolled and made tuition payments to the university knew that they would not attend accrual classes, earn credits or make progress towards an actual degree in a particular field of study - a pay to stay scheme", the indictment said.

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