‘Resident Evil’ Is Coming to Netflix as a TV Series

Resident Evil TV series in development at Netflix that will expand the mythology behind the films

A Resident Evil Drama Series Is in the Works at Netflix

How do you get into this locker?

Don't be afraid to run away.


This week is the release of the remake of the 1998 classic Capcom game Resident Evil 2.

Steady aim means steadier shots.


"As with most horror games, split-second decision making and stocking the correct inventory are two sides of the same coin". If you're extremely low on healing items and resources, you might want to save in a new slot as to not overwrite a previous save in which your character was in better shape. But are any of these enemies in the Resident Evil 2 remake, or are the rumors correct and they've all been cut out? However, if you stand still for a few seconds after moving, your reticle will shrink down to a far more accurate position, giving a much easier opportunity to land headshots with weapons like the pistol. Or, you know, you can just read our answers below.

Otherwise, you'll find a quick breakdown just below of our main thoughts having finished the game (5 times and counting).

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Keep in your inventory only what you need.


Resident Evil's animated adaptations-Degeneration, Damnation and Vendetta-are more faithful to the games, filling in gaps between the later ones. The first of these for Leon is the shotgun, locked behind glass and metal that taunts you. In this guide we're going to show you how to do it.

One of these items is the square-handled crank. You'll find tons of handy items in the process, and will eventually stumble onto whichever key or puzzle solution you need to progress. Once you've acquired it, make sure it's downloaded and installed on your console. The patch is simply an alternative executable for the game - bio2 1.10 - which you should use instead of the original "bio2" to open the game from now on. You can only get this in Leon's Scenario.

Search each area or room thoroughly.

. You can also use your Combat Knife to break them if they're close by. It has its quiet moments, but it also thrives off intense encounters.

By the looks of the launch trailer below, gamers are in for a hellaciously good time. It no doubt helps that they are six of them now.

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