Airbus CEO says hard Brexit would mean "painful decisions" for United Kingdom operations


Airbus Warns It Could Leave in Event of 'No-Deal' Brexit

The country's whole aerospace sector "now stands at the precipice", he added. It employs more than 6,000 people with many thousands more employed indirectly.

'The United Kingdom in a no-deal scenario will face enormous difficulties.

And French companies working alongside British partners on EU-funded projects should now be looking elsewhere, the advice says.

The developments came as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hinted his party might back a parliamentary bid by former minister Yvette Cooper to extend Article 50 unless a deal is reached by the end of February.

Enders said a disorderly split would cause Airbus to redirect future investment and mean it could not guarantee that its existing factories would remain in place like Wales and Bristol.

"Make no mistake", Enders added, "there are plenty of countries out there who would love to build the wings for Airbus aircraft..."

Supporters of Brexit say departure from the European Union is an opportunity to trim the rulebook and keep the City of London competitive as a global financial hub.

Consumer group Which? said the Home Office estimates this could affect 3.5 million Britons if they do not renew their passports early.

Warnings from businesses have grown louder in recent days, but the Airbus comments are notable because of the tone - and the pointed reference about a willingness to pull up stakes and go.

FAA Halts Flights At LaGuardia Airport Due To Government Shutdown
Six out of 13 controllers scheduled to work in the DC area center called out today, aviation officials told ABC News. Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport had the second-longest wait time, of 19 minutes.

The named participants in the event are predominantly from nationalism and republicanism, including its political representation that are Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald; SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood; Fine Gael Irish Education Minister Joe McHugh; and Fianna Fail Deputy Leader Dara Calleary. But she has shown little willingness to make changes to her Brexit plan.

While insisting Labour would not decide whether to back the move until closer to a Commons vote next Tuesday, Mr Corbyn said he had met with Ms Cooper and her plan had "a lot of merit".

European Union leaders say they will not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement.

The statement, issued after a meeting of the Brexit Steering Group, sought to dash any hopes in London that Prime Minister Theresa May could secure a time limit to the commitment of preventing a border on the island of Ireland.

Small businesses and corporate giants, equally frustrated by the Brexit uncertainty, take various measures to prepare for a different set of events following 29 March 2019.

May's government has rejected both ideas.

Enders" comments come on the heels of plans by two firms to relocate global or regional headquarters outside Britain and concerns voiced by business groups over the government's refusal to rule out a "no-deal' Brexit if it can not win parliamentary support for its preferred withdrawal plan.

"We have no appetite for firms who have not done the work or for firms who have no real intention of setting up a substantial business in Ireland or rather see their authorisation as a last resort for a hard Brexit".

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