Bird Box In Hot Water Over Real-Life Disaster Footage

Netflix Has No Plans To Cut ‘Bird Box’ Scene Despite Outcry

‘A lack of respect’: Netflix hit ‘Bird Box’ used actual footage from disaster

The mayor of Lac-Mégantic, a Quebec town that suffered from a tragic train derailment and explosion that killed nearly 50 people six years ago, called out Netflix for using footage of the horrific disaster in their record-breaking hit film, Bird Box.

The movie has not arrived without controversy, including how the streaming giant had to warn people not to do the "Bird Box challenge" involving potentially risky actions while blindfolded, and YouTube later banned videos to that effect.

It's not just "Bird Box" either, as the footage was also sold to another Netflix production called 'Travelers'.

Netflix's Bird Box has been heavily criticised after it emerged that the film uses real-life footage taken from the Lac-Megantic disaster. The train then derailed, which led to a fire and explosion erupting in Lac-Mégantic.

"We find that it's really a lack of respect", Lac-Mégantic Mayor Julie Morin told the Canadian Press.

Per a conversation with Mashable, Netflix has determined that they will not do the same in the case of Bird Box and the film will remain as is. "You can be sure we are going to follow up on this, and our citizens are on our side". The footage also recently showed up in another Netflix production, the Canadian-American science fiction show Travelers.

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Netflix spokespeople have declined repeated requests for comment on the controversy.

It has not been an especially great week for Netflix or its polarising monster flick Bird Box, which has spawned one of the most idiotic so-called "challenges" to surface in this cursed timeline we're trapped in.

"If it was a movie based on this event of 2013, I can see many situations where using news coverage and actual footage would be appropriate, even if it were fictionalized and dramatized", said Robert Thompson, director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.

Producers of another Netflix show, however, announced they would be replacing the same footage used in an episode after outrage.

Numerous participants uploaded their version of the Bird Box challenge to YouTube.

"We sincerely apologize and had no intention to dishonour the tragic events of 2013", she said in a statement.

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