Sex Sells (Unless You're a Woman at CES)

Apple greets CES 2019 with snarky iPhone privacy billboard

Apple takes a shot at Android at CES 2019 with a giant billboard on privacy

Below the message is a link to Apple's website wherein the company talks in length about the privacy features that its devices- iPhone and the Apple watch- offer.

The innovative look and mechanics are even more impressive considering Osé is the first product out of Lora Dicarlo, a small company that's just 1-and-a-half years old.

Lora Haddock is the founder and CEO of the sex toy company Lora DiCarlo. CES has previously come under fire over a lack of female speakers in keynote slots, and the event has also been accused of being slow to reduce the number of so-called "booth babes" that appear on the convention show floor.

Submitted for the CES Innovation Awards, the company was ecstatic to learn that the Consumer Technology Association (or CTA, the company that runs and produces CES) had chosen their product for the CES Robotics Innovation Award, a highly coveted award among technology makers that attend CES. "CTA has communicated this position to Lora DiCarlo ".

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She claims the organisers then backtracked over the award, initially citing a rule saying they could disqualify any device deemed "immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with CTA's image", before then saying the device did not fit in the robotics and drone category.

CTA Deputy General Counsel Kara Maser acknowledged Lora DiCarlo's frustration, but affirmed the product's ineligibility, "even if your submission was mistakenly allowed in the first instance". A CTA representative told BuzzFeed News that the product "does not qualify because it does not fit in to any of our existing CES 2019 categories". "CES does not have a category for sex toys", the company said in an emailed statement. And while Sony never makes any major game-related announcements at CES, PlayStation will likely have some presence.

She also notes that the organisers may well believe they had covered off "women's interests" through the other prizes awarded in the 2019 robotics and drones category, including two robotic vacuum cleaners, four children's toys and a shopping companion robot.

"It seems to us that products that are explicitly allowed for men in an explicit sexual nature are allowed more of a pass than products that are geared toward female pleasure and female sexuality", Haddock said. A scarily lifelike sex doll for guys actually launched on the floor of CES this year.

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