MPs defeat May, urge her to rule out 'no deal' Brexit

Theresa May tells MPs 'see you next Tuesday' as Brexit vote confirmed

UK Brexit vote set for January 15 amid talk of delay

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A report out today states that a good portion of Labour MPs will ultimately vote with the government to avoid a no deal brexit, but concessions must be made.

MPs are now taking part in a week of debate ahead of a vote on the Prime Minister's Brexit deal next week.

Trying to persuade parliament to back her plan, a source said May was "minded" to accept a proposal from Labour lawmakers to add reassurances on workers' rights and environmental protections.

May has refused publicly to consider an alternative plan, battling instead to shore up political support for the withdrawal agreement struck between Britain and the European Union after months of painstaking negotiations.

UK Brexit minister Martin Callanan ruled out that prospect and said May would update MPs on Wednesday about the assurances over the backstop she is seeking from the EU.

The vote comes as MPs are due to begin a five-day debate on May's Brexit deal after it was delayed in December until after the parliamentary recess.

Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union in 80 days.

The Edinburgh South MP, who is campaigning for a so-called "People's Vote" on the terms of Brexit, added: "Any type of Brexit will harm workers and the communities we represent, while making people poorer".

British Prime Minister answers questions in the House of Commons regarding Brexit.

They're frustrated that Mr Corbyn, a longtime eurosceptic who voted for Remain in the 2016 referendum, has refused to push for a new vote, even as polling shows the majority of Labour voters support one.

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"It could give the winning party a renewed mandate to negotiate a better deal for Britain and secure support for it in Parliament and across the country".

A cross-party group of MPs sought Tuesday to amend a finance law to limit the government's tax-raising powers in the event of "no deal", as a way of forcing it to stop such a scenario.

Mrs Hodgson said she had been sent a threat which said she should be hung and was a traitor for signing a letter which raised concerns about what could happen if there is no deal.

Mr Grieve had tabled the amendment Tuesday night after pro-EU MPs had passed an amendment to the Finance Bill created to prohibit spending on No Deal preparations without authorisation from Parliament - which is dominated by Remainers and largely opposed to No Deal.

Mr Abe said: "It is the strong will of Japan to further develop this strong partnership with the United Kingdom, to invest more into your country and to enjoy further economic growth with the UK".

Speaking to party supporters in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Mr Corbyn said a general election was the most "practical" and "democratic" way to "break the deadlock" in Parliament over Brexit.

May has so far refused to retreat from her unpopular deal, which envisages close trading ties with the European Union, but without any say on policy as Britain has now, after leaving in March.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Wednesday he and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte agreed to do what they can to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

But opponents of "no deal" argue the consequences would be severe and wide-ranging, with disruption to supplies of food and medicine and chaos at Britain's ports among the issues.

The letter concluded: "We urge MPs, in light of the central role Parliament will play in the coming days in resolving this impasse, to recognise the severe impact No Deal will have and to take all steps necessary to avoid such a departure coming to pass".

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