Nationals Latest Offer To Bryce Harper Reportedly "Much More" Than $300MM

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Report: Phillies to have face-to-face meeting with Harper

Rosenthal also notes that Bryce Harper is willing to wait for the right deal.

Without question, joining a team with potential like Philadelphia could work wonders for a player like Harper, especially when seeing all of the extra games he would get to face his former team in the Washington Nationals.

An industry source told Levine that reports of the White Sox offering ten-plus years to Machado or Harper are "without any substance and flat out wrong".

The formal offer seems to tally with 670 The Score Bruce Levine's claim that the White Sox were not ready to offer Machado or Harper the 10-year deal they desire, but would only give them a maximum of seven years.

The report characterized the long-term offer as serious and likely closer to $200 million than $300 million. I am sure offers from other teams aren't far off, considering the White Sox put theirs out there already.

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The 26-year-old was not impressed with the opening offer, but the negotiations were ongoing as the Chicago franchise made the first move in its attempt to land one of the most sought-after free agents. The market seems like it's waiting for Machado and Harper to sign before the rest of the dominoes fall. Remember the Washington Nationals' 10-year, $300 million offer that Harper reportedly rejected? It is also believed that they are even more interested in Machado.

Meanwhile, according to NBC Sports Philadelphia, the Nationals are not the only team pursuing Harper seriously.

Just because the Phillies appear to be getting a meeting with Harper doesn't necessarily mean their chances of landing the star outfield are going to increase because once again, the competition is high between other teams as well.

With the start of a new calendar year and Spring Training just around the corner, here are some of the latest Major League Baseball rumours...

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